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Lama Haddadin founder of Caramelized Thoughts

Cooking has been my runaway art for so long, it’s time for me to share my passion…

Many years of cooking and food consulting.


What We Do

Frittatta recipe from Caramelized Thoughts

We cook and share with you the best recipes for delicious food from many cuisines around the world.

Food consultation services by Caramelized Thoughts and Lama Haddadin

We help food and beverage companies and restaurants grow and secure their brand and reputation with stronger quality and food safety strategies.

Cooking Show by Caramelized Thoughts and Lama Hadaddin

We host live cooking shows on TV channels and the internet. In addition, we participate in judging cooking competitions.

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There is never been a better time to eat delicious meals and sweets specially we can get any ingredients from any spot in the globe. Trying different cuisines means traveling around the world through food.

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