Gastronomy Of Mine

Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry, Almonds, Pomegranate, Oats & Honey Drizzled

Sitting at my office, meddling with the keyboard hoping to come up with something brilliant but I guess I have to start somewhere, so here it is:

Food in the Arab world is part of the culture as it is in many places, yet here it has it’s own flavor and rituals. Families gather at breakfast, lunch and dinners you would rarely see someone eating alone. In other words food in my world is a family affair, it is a way to show love, care and even solidarity.

I would always sit in the kitchen watching intently as mother makes rice based dishes or even roasts in the oven. I would stare at that knife and the way it slices through different veggies and fruits, soon my fascination could not just be held at being a spectator and at 8 years old I decided I can make salads. Mother would complain about how slow I am, but in my opinion then, I was playing the adult game, I was making…  food.

My passion grew along with years, evolving to baking cakes for birthdays and making small dishes here and there. Graduating from school and heading to study abroad which turned out to be my golden ticket for cooking. I started waking up and having to re-invent my “Family Full Table Breakfast” to suit my solo existence at the university campus. I’d be a liar if I said I managed to handle a few days without having company at the table. I started inviting fellow mates from my architecture course to join. The responses were always positive and my ego in the kitchen grew.

Year after year the variety of students I lived with and met added to my recipes and taught me new tricks. Tastes flowing from the far end of  Asia, passing through Africa and reaching the very soul of Latin America. The university studies were very tough and the way for me to deal with that stress was to sneak into the kitchen and create. Rich stews, soups and slow cooking dishes for heart warming effect. Public demand started increasing and people started requesting recipes and always wondered what I alter in their favorite foods.

I get back to Jordan and hunt food for the soul, in between long working hours and time for family I try my best to find a way to study kitchens around Amman. Here I am starting this blog to share my experiences in this city and ones I would happen to visit, and every now and then I shall do my best to share a recipe of mine for people to try out. All I need now is to click post and wish for the best.

Warm Winter Wishes To All

Lama Haddadin

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