The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision

Several weeks back sitting at the lunch table with my parents, mother announced “I want to invite the whole family to ours at Christmas.” I go quiet speculating what is coming next, of course it did ” Lama you are to create new recipes and make food for the dinner, look up stuff” I have been overwhelmed at work and felt like I have the opportunity to finally get into the festive mood.

I started looking up seasonal salads and delightful additions to the table which was fun till I reached the dessert. I stopped there and in my head visions of ginger bread cookies, Christmas fruit cake and Yule Log passed through. The Log stuck in my head for a while, I always wondered how they make that, I finally made a decision to look for the best one in Amman to add to the Christmas Eve Menu.

I looked around and asked a lot, some looked unappealing others too over priced, the price runs from 22++ up to around 32++ JDs for a cake that would feed 10 people in thin slices. After a while, the idea hit me I should just make it myself and go on with making it my own, but what if it would not turn out nice? The chances happened to drag me to Sheraton Amman Hotel at the right time and I got to meet some of the best F&B specialists in town. It was set, I will make the first Yule Log and take it there for evaluation.

As I pondered on the idea, my heart would start racing and it was finally a make it or break it deal. I managed to bake, roll, spread and coat. The Log was ready decorations looked great, but I did not taste it. Packed it in a bag and headed to meet the chosen panel.


Arriving there I had half a heart to just leg it back to my car and save myself the embarrassing encounter. Reached up to the offices and Mr Stefan Lourens “Deputy General Manager” did the honor of cutting through, and to my surprise and his the roll looked perfect. Plates were served to all and my eyes were following everyone’s reaction, everyone seemed to enjoy it and give their mmmm and niiiice. Feeling relieved and took my first bite, I have to say it was definitely a flavorful bite, the dark chocolate fudge and creamy filling were perfect.

Time for the judgment, taken to Mr Stefan’s office I sit down anxiously waiting for his statement and to my delight he says:

“Visually appealing with the element of surprise for the roulade as I could not tell what would it be, it triggers the imagination awaiting to see what is inside. The consistency of the chocolate log fudge and the smooth creamy filling were great, the sponge was really good, all in all, one would say a brilliant trial”

As for Mr Marwan Odeh “Food & Beverage Manager”

“The Log had balanced content, looking great. Icing was not too sugary, it melts in the mouth and doesn’t have overpowering sweetness. The oriental touch of pomegranate to the Christmas log made the whole difference”
Mr Firas Turkmani “Assistant Food & Beverage Manager”
” All I can say it was not too sweet which hit the right note of everything”
Carrying all that in confidence I hopped back home looking forward to create a Remarkable Christmas Eve…
To be continued…

Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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