The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision (2)

“Christmas Eve Dinner” day had arrived.

I fumbled around the kitchen and started my little project. I had my Log ready from the night before to cut back on time. I had marinated a nice piece of beef in red wine and balsamic over night, I had to keep flipping it every few hours to ensure it’ll come out flavorful. I peeled and diced a pumpkin in the morning and realized it is really a tough task. I cut the veggies up and prepared them for cooking later on, then washed up leaves and dried them for the salads too.

3 Salads were voted to be done:

– Winter Fruit Salad

– Apple & Pear with Lettuce Salad

– Pumpkin & Rocket Leaves Salad

Slicing, dicing and then mixing things started to look so good, I took the meat out and started searing it to seal the juiciness inside before putting it in the oven for a long slow cooking session. I decided to make an addition to the desserts table, a cute dish of strawberry and cream turned out to be a hit, everyone loved the little Santa looking creatures and enjoyed the bites.

Strawberry & Cream Santas
Strawberry & Cream Santas

Soon as the meat came down to room temperature, I picked an aluminium roasting container and placed it in with a couple of unpeeled garlic cloves around pouring the wine marinade all over it and seasoning it with salt and some pomegranate molasses. After 45 min from being in the oven I took it out, the smell of garlic was just the amount I needed it to have so I removed the cloves and covered it again to put it back in the oven.

I roasted the veggies (carrots, broccoli and peppers) and tossed them with a little pomegranate molasses, dash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. By then the beef had been in the oven for total 2 hours, so I took it out and set it aside on a wooden cutting board ready to be cut to be served. I drained the wine and beef sauce from the roasting pan into a pot, stirred in some beef stock and flour and waited for it to thicken.

Everything was ready, food about to be served, fingers crossed and all eyes on the awaited pre-ordered turkey. It all looked done to perfection

The Christmas Eve Table Spread
The Christmas Eve Table Spread

One might say it was time consuming and power draining day, but in the end those mmmm and ooooh were totally worth it. Desserts followed with a great bang, everyone seemed to enjoy the sweets, mother’s coconut bites, cookies, my Log and the cute strawberry Santa dish.

Desserts Served
Desserts Served
The Log
The Log

All in all I was very pleased, it was a beautiful night and all was done to precision.

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