Warmly Yours Tea شاي بدفي قلبك

I spoke of my favorite spot to have tea and relax previously. It was sheer luck for me to find this place and since that day I have been there countless times. No matter what time or date it is, I have always found the same exact feeling that I got the first time, it’s a mixture of cozy, warm and familiar atmosphere which makes you feel at home.

“Turtle Green Tea Bar”


You walk in to the place and down the few steps to be greeted by what I must say the sweetest employees. Smiles and greetings that are not easily found in most places in Amman, sometimes they surprise you by remembering your exact regular order the way you like it.

The menu is quite simple; tea, coffee, iced drinks and small eats, yet you feel like everything there has been handpicked and made with lots of care. Their tea is exactly why I go there, the variety of spices and herbs makes a perfect combination along with their music and atmosphere. The two levels create an interesting play for the vision, the top floor with the smoking area works great for so many in need to study and groups that have open discussions. My preference though is the lower floor smoke free and clean air, right next to the beautiful wood fireplace at winter. The color scheme around the place is very appealing warm green and brown makes you feel just relaxed.


The tea affair you can have there is one you must explore in winter as well as summer. For a very reasonable price (compared to other places around) I believe you get value for your money. In winter you get a nice hot pot of tea and your preference of sweetener (Sugar or Honey…etc) giving you the feeling of control over your order and making you feel at home. In the summer I love their famous ice tea whether it’s an Arnold Palmer or just a Jasmine Delight tea, it always has a refreshing calming effect on me (and you can always share the pitcher since the amount is quite generous).


Turtle Green is a runaway from the typical life of sophistication most places dictate, you can enjoy your time, share the sofa with strangers and always meet new characters. It is always a place in the back of my head every time I need some break. In the end all I can wish for, is TG to stay the same.

Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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