Beef Stew & Winter Veggies Saturday

Proud To Say I Took This Photo In The Morning

Back to my office after several days of being stuck at home by snow and it’s almost midday. The freezing icy breeze outside makes you crave everything rich and warm, so after a quick glance of what is in the fridge earlier in the morning, I decided it will be a beef stew slow cooker in the oven with lots of winter vegetables.


First things first, let us check the ingredients:

– 1/2 kilo Beef Cubes (Possibly using fillet would be nice)

– 1 Large Onion

– 1 Pack Of Button Mushrooms (Cleaned & Halved)

– 1 Big Potato

– 1 cup Carrot

– 1 cup Butternut Squash/ Pumpkin

– 1 cup Parsnip

– 1 cup Broccoli (Optional)

– 1 cup Squash (Optional)

(Your veggies peeled and chopped in large cubes)

– 1 cube Beef stock

– 1 tsp salt

– 1 tsp ground black pepper

– 1 tbsp Thyme

– 1 tbsp Worcestershire

– Generous Dash Of Red Wine (Optional)

– Flour to cover the meat with


You take your beef cubes and roll them around in some flour and prepare a pan with a dash of oil to start sealing the juices in the meat. Soon as all the sides of the cubes are done, we remove the meat onto a paper towel to remove any excess oil off. Get a deep baking pot (preferably ceramic) add your veggies and meat together there, then take a large cup of hot water and stir in the beef stock and spices all together before pouring it on your ready for baking pot. Cover it well and put it in the over for 45 min onto 250 degrees heat. Take it out and open it up if you feel the vegetables are soft enough to your taste then you can take the lid off and grill it for a bit to give it a nice color.


Serve this dish with whole grain or rye bread on a cold day like this one would surely make you and your loved ones warm. You can always serve it with a glass of red wine on the side for extra warmth with your meal.

Warm Wintery Wishes To All.


(The pictures I am using are not mine and I have only looked them up on the internet to give a better visual explanation to the dish)

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