Pumpkin Yumminess

Basically got home super tired and in need of a soup to warm me and fill me up too. I had previously purchased a massive pumpkin and used some of it in my beef stew, so with what was left over I decided roasting it to make a snack would be great but after a few bites I had an idea pop in my head, I shall make some soup! Soup it is then but what should I put in it?

For two portions I used:

2 Cups Of Roasted Pumpkin Flesh (Did you know 1 cup of pumpkin flesh is mere 49 calories?)

2 Garlic Cloves (Chopped Fine)

1/2 Cup Of Baked Potato (You peel it wrap it with aluminium paper and put in the oven to cook)

1/2 Cup Of Carrots (Thinly chopped)

1/2 A Vegetable Stock Cube

A Dollop Of Cooking Cream

1/2 Tsp Of ground ginger

1 Tbsp Of Oil/butter

Salt & Pepper To Your Liking

I chopped my garlic and carrots and added them to the oiled pan, sauteed them for a bit then started adding my pumpkin and potatoes. Soon the garlic will go golden and you have to immediately add two glasses of hot water for your soup to start forming. As your “yumminess” in a pan is cooking you can add your vegetable stock and spices. Let them simmer for a while till the water reduces a bit then you bring in your hand mixer and blend all the ingredients into a smooth heavenly soup. The texture at that point is amazing but the ultimate addition is definitely the cream, you add a dollop of it to just about see the color of the soup gotten a bit lighter. You pour it into your serving bowls and use a spoon to add another bit of cream for decoration and you can add a tiny stalk of parsley to add to the look.

This is not mine but it’s a nice way of serving it 🙂
My Humble Creation
My Humble Creation

Warm Wintery Wishes To All


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