Amman, Restaurants, Cafes & The Never Ending Dilemma

I am quite sure most of us enjoy their time with friends and families somewhere outside the vicinity of their homes. We all need a fresh setting, a different taste, a new adventure and to all that there is a certain frequency, need and set up budget. Every now and then you hear about a new restaurant opening up in Amman (and it happens a lot) they start amazing, perfect food, nice setting and all that, you enjoy a couple of outings and decide it’s a great place for that needed time out but does it really last???

I have been back from the UK after my studies for almost 4 years and I have always found the same issue happening over and over again. You pick a restaurant and enjoy its food and atmosphere but then suddenly a few months later the quality goes down hill, you feel like you are not getting value for money anymore and you end up in the search again for a new place. This endless loop is annoying for most people around me as much as it is to me, it’s a waste of energy, time and also a disappointment on a night out.

Some people with budgets for outings would be able to afford an outing per month to a high quality, top end and probably expensive place to eat, while others (the bigger group) look for places with great quality food, nice atmosphere and affordable prices (which is not easy to find in Amman). You go to a place you enjoy the cozy atmosphere, you order a bowl of soup and end up with all sorts of results, sometimes plastic bits somehow found their way into it, other times it’s too watery and maybe even thick pudding like substance. Going to salads, you always face the same mistake around drenched, soggy ingredients that neither look appealing nor taste any good. As for main meals, where should I start? I’ve been served uncooked sauteed vegetables, completely raw meat (I ordered it medium), cold fish, bland dry chicken and better yet sometimes the wrong meal all together.

Where are we going wrong? When does a restaurant go down hill? Do they change their ingredients in search for saving up on their budget? Do the staff members get bored with the dishes they make? Do they hire kitchen helpers who are not qualified? I cannot answer any of that but it saddens me to see it happen all the time.

Do you know what puzzles me the most? A barista (person who makes coffee) is supposed to have a clue about the coffee kinds and ways to make them to say the least, before even figuring out the best way to make them, yet you find him/her working in a high end place but serving you a latte convincing you it is a cappuccino and insisting that you know nothing about it. Service varies from lazy, rude, inattentive up to too busy to come serve you I have an important conversation with my other working colleagues.

One might say it is a series of mishaps here and there, maybe a case of Murphy’s Law but the sad truth it’s a recurring issue with everyone around. Beginning today I shall take it upon myself to visit places in Amman, rate, evaluate and will have no problem criticizing what I see wrong. I will share you with the experience and inform you of my thoughts. If you have a place to start in mind, please share it with me in the comments.

Lovely Weekend To All.


Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

4 thoughts on “Amman, Restaurants, Cafes & The Never Ending Dilemma

  1. La maison verte in Shmaisany, had really stood out as one of the best restaurants in Amman, but steadily its quality has eroded, I won’t say that it went below the sink, but it did certainly go down.

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