Strada The Caffè

Coming out of the cinema on a lazy Friday evening I looked up to see a cozy place ahead the sign read ” Strada Caffe”. I stepped in with hesitance tried to see if the ambiance is anything that would attract me, almost immediately something caught my eye, the place had fresh clean air, a completely non smoking policy. Intrigued even more I sat down and craving caffeine and sweetness so ordered a mocha and to my surprise it was done to perfection just the way I like it.

The design is stripped down into own raw modern feeling, clean lines, mostly monochromatic with a hint of red. I loved the photos that are hung all over the place, which depict the process of building the space from zero. I watched the guests there and noticed that some had packets of cigarettes on the table, yet they do get up and leave to a small yard in order to smoke while keeping the environment clean for others to enjoy.

These small local coffee shops impress me with more ways than one, the specific choice of employees you can absolutely detect, as you find their dedication to serve the best very clear. The owners of the shop are usually on top of their work just like their employees; clearing tables, serving meals and making coffee, which makes you feel like you are getting the full attention as a customer.

A few visits there and I was hooked on the clean atmosphere, their tea is certainly a pleasurable tasty experience with the special tea set (though I do believe in bigger portions of good tea). The coffee is certainly undeniably of the special variety and what makes it better is a smiling barista serves it to you with care. Food there has caught my attention as being totally fresh and taken care of to the very small details (I must say impressed that the salad dressing is always on the side not drenching the ingredients).

I have enjoyed my times there with friends times and times over, yet there is a small comment I would have to make; when a coffee shop offers WiFi (this goes for a lot more places) it would be best if the internet speed and capacity is usable, for it is a disappointment when you bring in your work and you still need 10 minuets to get one email through. This cafe is certainly a place I would visit often, not only for the good food and coffee, but also for the calm, clean air that is rare to find.

Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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