Chicken Liver & Other Mezza Friday Lunch

Chatting about food with mum and it is always the case on such a day off like Fridays, we discuss, study and then decide what to make for lunch (that’s if I’m not out cooking for friends). Today the weather looks pale and cold but soup is not on my mind instead I feel like making a whole table full of easy bites that everyone would savor and enjoy.

Checked my fridge and picked out some ripe tomatoes, green chilli pepper, onions, garlic, chicken liver, spinach and some lemon. It is set I have always found my chicken liver recipe a hit with all my friends, it’s certainly easy to make but it does taste different than the usual Jordanian style:

1 Chicken Liver Packet (Around 500g)

1 Clove Of Garlic (Chopped Fine)

Pomegranate Molasses

Salt & Pepper

You put your pan on heat with a little dash of cooking oil and soon as it’s hot you can add your garlic to it. The sensational aroma will start to spread and it’s the exact time you add your chicken liver and lower the heat to minimal. Watch as it turns dark and start tossing it around to make sure all sides are getting cooked. Add a dollop of pomegranate molasses (the sour variety not sweet) and watch it coat the liver in a beautiful color. Just before you turn off the cooker raise the heat to the max sprinkle salt, pepper and add another generous dollop of pomegranate molasses for an amazing sauce to dip into with the yummy liver.

For the Second plate I think it was only rightful to make something tomato based so I will make what we Jordanians call (Gallayeh):

1 Small Onion (Chopped Fine)

1 Clove Of Garlic (Chopped Fine)

3 Tomatoes (Chopped)

1 Green Chili (Optional & Chop It With Gloves On To Avoid Burns)

1 Tbsp Of Tomato Paste

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Add a dash of olive oil in your pan and add your chopped garlic with the onions all together. Toss them around till they are light golden then add a half the amount of chili, after that is in for 10 seconds you can add your tomatoes. Now you got to lower the heat and watch the tomatoes cook. When you notice that tomatoes are almost done add a little water just to keep them juicy with the spoon of tomato paste, mix it well and watch it simmer. Now add the rest of your chili and let it simmer for one more min before you turn it off (this would keep it semi raw and crunchy which makes it tastier, my secret is out).

For the third dish greens are a great addition to our colorful table:

1 Bag Of Spinach Leaves (Washed & Dried)

1 Small onion (Chopped Fine)

1 Small Lemon Juice

Olive Oil


Add your onions to a dash of olive oil in a deep pan toss it around till golden then add your spinach leaves in intervals (the leaves will shrink as they cook so don’t overcrowd them at once). Lower the heat and keep the spinach cooking till it’s all done, just before you turn off the heat add the salt and that lemon juice.

Usually these are best served with Arabic pitta bread as it is the best way to dip into these dishes. You will find the experience much appreciated if you add a salad on the side and/or a  plate of mixed pickles. The colorful table full of nutrients will please everybody and each will find their taste buds amused.

Warm Wintery Wishes To All


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