Uma Delicious Mi Taste

Sometime last September I kept hearing about a new Asian restaurant in town and it is no surprise I wanted to be the first one of my friends to try it. The weather was still warm and lovely so as I walked in I was ushered to the courtyard, at first I was not very sure that I should since the place is right at the main street, but to my surprise the design in fact takes you to somewhere else; an oasis of calmness and relaxing atmosphere.

Flipping through the menu I was pleased to notice that it contains items that are not typical in Asian restaurants of Amman.  I ordered my favorite starter a plate of Edmame which came in a bamboo container and tasted so fresh, I guess at that point I knew I was hooked.

Visits to follow had a variety of orders and every time a new taste to try, from soups to salads and chicken satay skewers (with a total hit of a peanut sauce) to mouthwatering Mongolian Beef with a taste that would stick in your memory and dwell in the cravings section. The dish that always went as a staple to the order was their teppanyaki. The meat/Chicken/Fish cooked to your liking, a portion of veggies, a bowl of rice and to maximize the effect on your taste buds the amazing sweet ginger sauce pot and tiryaki  sensational dip.

The service at Umami was always attentive, it does not take long for you to raise your head in order to catch the attention for an employee who would immediately attend to any order you need. You would always find them clearing any mess on the table and giving you the space to enjoy your meal in a relaxed manner.

The story with Umami cannot end there, one must say it would be blasphemy if you go there and not finish your meal with their tantalizing, mind shattering dessert “The Green Tea, Date & Banana Cake” which arrives at your table on top of its burning hot pedestal centered in a sea of melted toffee and topped with a crown of fresh coconut ice cream to die for. The taste will make everyone on the table suddenly quiet and calm, all you will hear is the mmmm and ahhh of the ecstatic taste buds in your mouth. To accompany this final note of the symphony I suggest you try their amazing green tea in order to try digesting this amount of food you have just devoured.

In the end all I can say is that I hope that Umami will keep those updates in the menu coming and dazzle us even further with the amazing tastes.

Happy Eating To All.


Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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