Grilled Salmon & A Salad To Kick Start Spring


March is here, spring has showed us its beautiful blossoms and the sun is warming our skin pushing our desire for a crispy, fresh light meal. Thinking of that was certainly not hard, fish is a light meat on the stomach and combining that with a perfect salad can just be the lunch you need to continue the day with out feeling heavy.

Lately I have been trying to find the best grilled salmon fillet in Amman (so far it has not been successful), so today I will write a recipe of what I would love to find. Ingredients are easy and simple to find, yet the combination of them together will certainly create a spring perfection.

This is what you will need:

– Salmon Fillet (Preferably Thick Piece Away From The Tail)

– Few Lemons Juice

– Green Runner Beans

– Garlic

– Olive Oil

-Salt & Pepper To Season

You need a good grilling pan, brush your fillet with some olive oil. The salmon tends to be delicate, so place each filet on the grill grate directly over the fire/pan with the skin-side up. After about 5 minutes, the edges of the fillet should begin to pull away from the grill. The salmon will release from the grill when it is ready to turn over. A few exploratory lifts at the edges should tell you whether or not it is ready. After grilling the second side for about 3 minutes, the fish should be cooked to medium-well. The salmon should be opaque and flaky with a nice crispy layer on the outside, so when you open it with a fork you would see it opens like a deck of cards.

As for your salad you need; a pan filled with water and bring that to boil. Put your green beans into the water and let it boil for 3 min. Take them out and they should still have kept their bright green color and crunchiness. Crush some garlic and toss them with olive oil, salt and lemon juice.

 I cannot think of a lighter dish to enjoy at lunch time more than this combo. I believe it is full of vitamins and energy to carry on a productive day ahead. Most importantly always cook with love and sprinkle with passion to get the best food there is.

Bon Appetit


Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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