Pepper Medley Couscous & Honey Chicken Breast

My fascination with North Africa began at a very young age as I would always watch documentaries about the colorful souks, beautiful fabric colors and spices there. In UK I had a few experiences in trying out the moroccan cuisine through friends or visiting restaurants, and what drew me the most is the use of sweet ingredients into savory dishes, it was a tone of flavors that mesmerized me.

I started buying couscous and experimenting during my university years to what I called “a quick dish” that I can take with me for lunch on days with long hours at the architectural studio. I managed to create something quick, easy and simple, something that is absolutely healthy and scrumptious. For this dish you will need the following:

– 200 Grams Couscous (Needs Around 250ml Boiling Vegetable Stock)

– Chicken Breast

– Colored Bell Peppers

– Garlic (Optional)

– Olive Oil

– Chickpeas

– Honey

– Lemon Juice

– Ground Ginger

– Salt And Pepper To Season

Light up your oven grill, get a roasting pan ready (I would line it up with foil to minimize cleaning time), take your clean bell peppers and just line them up with a few garlic cloves in the pan and drizzle them with olive oil. Keep rotating the peppers at least twice to ensure the peppers emerge juicy and slightly singed at the edges. Take them out, let them cool down and chop all to squares and crush a clove of garlic or two (it depends on your taste). Meanwhile you can add the boiling water to the couscous and leave it covered but keep stirring it every now and then (it would take around 20 min).

Take your chicken breast, cut it to cubes and brush it with olive oil. Get your pan hot and ready, then add your chicken in there (do not start flipping it till it has peeled off itself from the pan so you would not get bits stuck on the pan). After flipping it on the other side sprinkle some ground ginger and salt to it. Turning it back again you need to start adding a dollop of honey (or more) and keep stirring to ensure it does not get burnt and stays juicy, season it with salt and pepper to your liking.

Get your couscous and mix in the peppers, crushed garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, chickpeas (drained from water) and salt and serve with the chicken breast on top with a light drizzle of honey. This dish will not only look amazing and mouthwatering but will also provide you with a substantial amount of vitamins that would keep you healthy and happy. Enjoy your spring dish and stay tuned for more dishes to come.

Bon Appetit


PS: These pictures are closest to what the dish looks like but will be replaced with mine as soon as I get time.

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