The Spice Garden

Sometimes in Amman you can just about enter any place and bump into someone you know, but there are these days that you wish to sit and relax without eyes following you and get a lavish treat while you do some work. I happened to be invited to Sheraton Amman Hotel for business meetings several times and The Green Lounge seemed to be this place that provides a quiet atmosphere and at the same time a cozy one unlike most hotel lobbies anywhere.

As I sat there a couple of times I noticed the progress of  building a new restaurant opening “The Spice Garden”, the name itself was enough to entice me and provoke my curiosity. Spices are the main flavor changing ingredient that can create an amazing dish or destroy a sensational creation, so filled with hope I awaited the opening and watched the ratings of its guests. In January, I was looking for a special place to treat my mother on her birthday, so I did not look too far, I called up and booked the sensational Thursday offer for her and my father to enjoy a whole seafood buffet night. I did have my worries but as I passed there a few times and had a look see, I was quite sure that the food could only be good.

My parents were quite impressed by the gift voucher and excited they went on that dinner, at the end of their meal I had orchestrated a small cake to come out and that I would join to blow the candles. I sat anxiously, staring at my father’s face as he is very picky when it comes to his fish, but he was pleased and mother had that same impression, while I was totally in love with the tasty cake they had prepared (it was chocolaty creamy perfection). It was done for me, I needed to get there for a taste myself.

Something about the design of the place makes me content (maybe because I am an advocate of modern design), but the green and silver combination along with clean cut edges and twists on bamboo in the Asian hint to it makes it visually appealing. The  buffet is quite comfortable to pick from and the display gets you excited to try some of everything there.

I got my plate ready and started my trip, I was quite impressed to find a collection of “Amuse Bouche” (a small bite of a certain tone of flavors that would set your mood for the meal) I remember picking a seared tuna fish and spiced salad of these and I certainly got the right choice. I am not usually a fan of the “fix it yourself salad” but The Spice Garden has both ready and flavorful salads and the other side for those who prefer preparing their own, the variety seemed to change along with the theme of the restaurant for the night, I must say they had a killer chickpea Indian night salad that truly was a refreshing spicy addition to the meal.

As for the main courses, they have several ready made dishes for you to just serve yourself, but also they have live stations that would certainly tailor the food you want the way you fancy it done (when it comes to steaks and fish this is a certain advantage). The food all in all has a quality standard seal for sure and one cannot complain of anything as the service is there to just make everything the way you please.

After enjoying a tasty meal you can never miss their absolutely seductive sweets corner, the small bites of heaven are just a small part of the real deal on that station. There are two chefs there to take your order of a freshly made to die for chocolate fondant, waffles, pancakes or even crepes with your desired toppings to finish it off. You would get back to your table and just indulge in a sinful chocolate overdose with a  taste that would mingle in your mouth even after you leave.

2013-03-01 21.36.21

The odd part in all this that you would expect these kind of buffet dinners to be overpriced, yet this restaurant has done its best to keep it within reason. To be totally fair, I do not mind going out less if I get the chance to get myself spoiled rotten for the night. On your way out of there you would definitely feel that you have had a great time and would certainly plan to go back there again sometime soon.

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