One Chicken Cashew Coming Up

Having traveled around, to several places all over the world, I was always surprised that friends would always have their own Chinese restaurant staple order that they crave and stick to whenever they do order or eat out. It is quite funny that even in Jordan, going out to the Chinese restaurant was (and probably still is) a family thing that everyone enjoys. Have you ever noticed whenever a Jordanian family goes out the first thing everyone orders is “Chicken Cashew Please”. As if it is a dish that is somehow a given?

The dish seemed to please every member equally, it is not too spicy or sweet, served with white steamed rice would give a hint of the far east that caters to all. Being me I always fumbled at the kitchen to try and recreate dishes that I tasted anywhere and here is the recipe I went for:

– Chicken Breast (Cubed)

– Shiitake Mushrooms (Soaked In Water For An Hour At Least)

– Carrots (Sliced Thin)

– Baby Corn (Fresh Or Canned Sliced)

– Spring Onions

– Cashew Nuts

– 3 Tbsp Rice Vinegar

– 2 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce

– 2 Tbsp Corn Flour

– Vegetable Stock

– Dry Ground Ginger (OR Fresh Few Shreds)

– 1 Tsp Sugar

– 1 Tsp Salt

– White Pepper

Marinate your chicken with the vinegar, white pepper, soy sauce, ginger and sugar. Get your pan ready with a dash of cooking oil, drain the marinade (Do not throw it away keep it on the side to use later one), put the chicken cubes in the pan making sure they do NOT overlap (you need them to cook well all the way through and even get golden color). As soon as you figure that your chicken is done, you can start adding your veggies and shiitake mushrooms (either chopped or as they are). Toss the them around a bit, cover on low heat for a couple of min and then add the marinade that you used for the chicken breast on them along with the cashew nuts and add a cup of water to that along with vegetable stock cube. Leave to cook for a few min and as soon as it boils take your corn flour, whisk it in a cup of cold water and add to the pan. Keep stirring till you see it start to thicken then turn it off (remember in the Chinese cuisine the veggies are left a little crunchy rather than cooked so do not over cook them).

You can serve your dish with some steamed rice, or stir fried rice whichever is preferred by your foodies. Personally I find this dish to be a very safe one specially with picky eaters (as in children and similar acting adults). It looks amazing when you put it on the table and it is a great dish to learn how to use chopsticks for beginners.

Loving Spring Wishes To All


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