Nescafe Cake Euphoria

21st Of March, Mother’s Day & First Day Of Spring

I remember mum making Nescafe cake on every birthday for me as it was my favorite of all the others. It has a creamy dreamy texture that would just make you crave more and want to eat it silently so your tongue taste buds would enjoy it fully equally in a euphoric state of mind.

I remember I had invited a few ladies over for dinner during my university years, we had a great meal and to finish it off I served them this Nescafe cake. To have 5 blabbering ladies who are engaging in several different conversations at once was certainly loud, but at the moment they tucked into this marvelous dessert they went absolutely silent. That alerted my housemate to run and check on our guests as she thought something must have happened for us all to go quiet at once. To her surprise all were just staring at their plates, releasing pleased sounds with every bite and serving her a portion of her own she immediately joined the rest.


For this recipe you need:

– 1 Fresh Cream Pack (1 Liter) (I Use Elle & Vire Whipping Cream)

– 2 Sachets Of Dessert Topping Mix Powder (I Use Dream Whip)

– 1 Heaped Tbsp Nescafe (Instant Coffee Of Your Preference)

– 1/2 Can Of Condensed Milk (That Would Give It The Sweetness)

– 2 Packs Of Plain Tea Biscuits (Italian Lady Fingers Work Too)

– 2 Tbsp Nescafe ( Stirred In A Large Cup Of Cold Water)

For Caramelized Almonds Topping:

– 2/3 Cup Of Almonds

– 1 1/2 Cup Of Sugar

Use a large bowl to mix the fresh cream, condensed milk, 1 tbsp of Nescafe and start adding the powdered dessert topping into the mix until it feels quite thick. Wrap your bowl and put into the fridge to get cold rigid for 30 min.

Get a pan of your choice (I love how it looks in a Pyrex as you can see all layers). Start dipping your plain tea biscuits in the cold mix of the Coffee as you line them up in the pan then pouring a layer of your cream mix on top. Alternate between the two layers (as many as your pan fits) making sure the top is a cream layer then put it back in the fridge as you start making your topping of choice (You can just sprinkle chocolate on top and serve).

Put your almonds in a wide pan on the stove, pour the sugar over stir over medium heat till sugar is melted and almonds are toasted. Pour over a aluminium foil spreading it properly to aid in crushing it later then leave to cool down fully. Later on remove it, Put it in a clean bag and start crushing using pestle.


Before you serve your cake sprinkle your caramelized almonds on top and get ready to wow your guests.

Loving Spring Wishes To All


PS: The photos are not mine, I shall replace them with mine soon as they are ready.

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