Frittata My Way

Waking up Friday morning as a weekend in this country, my parents always wait for a couple of creations by yours truly to try. I do love eggs but usually during the week I barely have time to grab a quick sandwich or a bowl of oats, hence, at the glorious weekend I love making eggs a part of my morning.

Another thing I am not very keen on is oil, so I tend to make everything with as minimal as possible of that. So for this weekend morning dish you need:

– Eggs (Depending On How Many Are Eating)

– 1 Tbsp Of Flour

– 1 Tbsp Oregano (Optional)

– Zucchini (Squash) (Chopped Fine)

– Onions (Chopped Fine)

– Garlic (Chopped Fine)

– Mushrooms (Chopped Fine)

– Sweet Mixed Colors Pepper (Chopped Fine)

– Dash Of Olive Oil

– Salt & Pepper To Season

In a big pan put that dash of oil adding the onions and garlic first toss them around for a bit then start adding the mushrooms, zucchini and peppers. Let them all cook for a bit adding your taste of salt and pepper, the amazing smell of the combo will make your household run to the kitchen. Once they look almost well done, take them off the heat and set them aside.

Get the eggs and break them in a bowl mix them well adding the flour, get your Pyrex pan ready (the size depends on how much you are making just remember that the eggs with flour actually puff up a bit), pour a tiny bit of the eggs mixture at the bottom and stick it into the preheated oven (high temp wouldn’t harm) the eggs will cook a little to make our base to add the veggies to.

Now you can add your oregano to the eggs mix, spread your vegetables on top of the base we made then pour the eggs over it to cover it. Return it to the oven and watch it cook nicely. Once done and dry on top you can add some cheese if you fancy and grill it for a minute or two to get that golden color.

Loving Wishes To All,


PS: The photos are not mine, I shall replace them with mine soon as they are ready.

Published by Lama Haddadin

Experienced Marketer, Food Blogger, Food Consultant & Digital Age Philanthropist

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