Steak Mushroom Freshness

Typical recipe? Maybe, but certainly got much of my own twist to it. I thought about it over and over but I certainly had a great steak sandwich a few time in town but I still craved a certain level of juiciness in the meat and a flavor that was missing. From my point of view is to be cooked best fresh and not canned, I feel like it loses its original flavor and acquires this briny squishiness that is unappealing. Baguette, ciabatta or a bun but the more crusty and light the bread the more you can enjoy the ingredients filling it with a side of a sharp tasting rocket salad to go with it to turn this dish into a whole rounded meal. For this meaty juicy creation you would need the following:


– 2 x 250g Steak Fillet (sliced into strips)

– 1 Large Baguette

– 1 Packet Of Fresh Mushrooms (Peeled & Sliced)

– Pomegranate Molasses

– 1 Tbsp Oregano

– Salt & Pepper

– Maasadam Cheese Sliced (Optional)

You add a small dash of oil to your skillet pan, put your mushrooms in there and start tossing them around. After two min move the mushrooms aside in the pan but keep them there and line up your strips in the pan to start cooking them. Soon as they cook on one side flip them and add the oregano with a dollop of pomegranate molasses. Mix the mushrooms along with the meat and sauce then watch it caramelize. You can add your salt and pepper to your liking  just a few seconds before you turn it off.

Cut your baguette into three, open it up and empty extra dough inside if there is and stuff it with your tasty healthy meaty creation, you can add that cheese on top and some fresh rocket leaves to give it an extra kick of taste.

To the side of that I believe the best to serve is a basic rocket leaves with tomatoes and some grana cheese with a drizzle of balsamic or even pomegranate molasses along with salt and olive oil to your liking (whichever you prefer but I like the molasses since the taste would match the sandwich).

Loving Summer Wishes To All


PS: The photos are not mine, I shall replace them with mine soon as they are ready.

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