Vietnamese Rice Rolls Lama Style

Vietnamese Rice Rolls

I have always had a huge fascination with the Asian culture (that being far east) and all it’s yummy food and delicious recipes. Something about seeing those see-through rolls intrigued me and got my taste buds curious, so, out of my constant will to try new things, I decided I want to try this recipe.

Turns out it’s so much easier than I ever thought, literally it’s all about chopping and fridge ingredients of all sorts. Hence, here is my take on the rolls recipe:

  • Carrots Julienne Cut
  • Turnip Julienne Cut
  • Cucumber Julienne Cut
  • Mixed Colored Paprika Julienne Cut
  • Spring (Green) Onions Julienne Cut
  • Beetroot Julienne Cut (Optional)
  • Lemon Skin Julienne Cut (Optional)
  • Parsley/Cilantro (Optional)
  • Shredded Cabbage (Green or Red) (Optional)
  • Romaine Lettuce (Optional)
  • Rocca Leaves (Optional)

Now for protein part of things, I found out that you can actually be as wild as you want. If you made a nice steak the night before and didn’t finish it, chop that up and use it. If you have chicken breast grilled, chop and use it. You can also venture into crab sticks (shredded), shrimps or even fish fillet (check for bones before use I don’t want you choking up).

Now you get your rice paper (available in most hyper/super markets, a semi deep dish (to fit the rice paper size) and a clean cutting board to use for rolling. I take out the rice paper completely dip it into the water and lay it on the board (it should be soft so using warm water helps) add a mixture of your favorite ingredients and roll like a burrito (sides first tucked in and then roll) you will find that immediately it sticks together and contains the ingredients giving you an aesthetically pleasing view with a fresh taste to die for.

Sometimes, if you have leftover noodles with veggies or even some rice you can add it to the mix with a sprinkle of sesame seeds or seaweed.

This step is the most important, take a roll and dip it into your preferred Asian sauce, it could be peanut sauce or my all time favorite sweet chili sauce.

PS: This recipe is quite addictive and amazing, I am not responsible for your weight gain.

Rice Rolls With Greens

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