The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision (2)

“Christmas Eve Dinner” day had arrived. I fumbled around the kitchen and started my little project. I had my Log ready from the night before to cut back on time. I had marinated a nice piece of beef in red wine and balsamic over night, I had to keep flipping it every few hours to ensure it’llContinue reading “The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision (2)”

The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision

Several weeks back sitting at the lunch table with my parents, mother announced “I want to invite the whole family to ours at Christmas.” I go quiet speculating what is coming next, of course it did ” Lama you are to create new recipes and make food for the dinner, look up stuff” I have beenContinue reading “The Log Hunt & The Christmas Precision”

Gastronomy Of Mine

Sitting at my office, meddling with the keyboard hoping to come up with something brilliant but I guess I have to start somewhere, so here it is: Food in the Arab world is part of the culture as it is in many places, yet here it has it’s own flavor and rituals. Families gather at breakfast, lunch and dinnersContinue reading “Gastronomy Of Mine”