Chocolate Nutella Strawberry Cake Indulgence

Who can resist these two words “Nutella” & “Strawberry”, what if they fall in the same sentence? I am in love and craving this sensational cake creation. It is totally dreamy and something such a great indulgence for a sweet tooth afternoon. To make this sinful act you need: – 2 Sticks Of  Butter –Continue reading “Chocolate Nutella Strawberry Cake Indulgence”

Coffee Nuts Cake

Is there anything more refreshing than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the morning? With all the busy days ahead, I wake up lately craving something sweet to start my day with, yet this feeling doesn’t diminish in the afternoon either. I searched for the perfect companion for my coffee and what would beContinue reading “Coffee Nuts Cake”

Strawberry Season With Love

What a beautiful day with such sunny weather, all I can think of is now is fresh fruits, vegetables and light fresh treats to savor. One of my favorite fruits ever are Strawberries! I cannot help but devour ridiculous amounts if I was left unattended (yes I turn into a child when it comes to that). StrawberriesContinue reading “Strawberry Season With Love”

Nescafe Cake Euphoria

I remember mum making Nescafe cake on every birthday for me as it was my favorite of all the others. It has a creamy dreamy texture that would just make you crave more and want to eat it silently so your tongue taste buds would enjoy it fully equally in a euphoric state of mind. I rememberContinue reading “Nescafe Cake Euphoria”

The Perfect Cheesecake

Cravings are somehow this annoying little voice in your head constantly nagging your taste buds for a certain flavor. Lately I am in a struggle with my taste buds to avoid that fresh blueberry cheese cake that my mother is used to make, but in the end sometimes you cannot keep fighting and you haveContinue reading “The Perfect Cheesecake”