Decadent Chocolate Cravings

I am one of those people who are more inclined towards savory than sweet, yet there is always this odd craving for a melt in the mouth, warm¬†chocolaty¬†satisfaction. I have always enjoyed cooking for friends, listened intently to what they crave and desire and tried to find dishes to match their taste buds. Chocolate hasContinue reading “Decadent Chocolate Cravings”

Banana Muffin Trial, All Rise!

Sitting in bed feeling redundant, decided to make myself useful and make something sweet for the family to enjoy in this snowy weather. Surfed the net for a while and my eyes wandered towards a few recipes for “Banana Muffins”, I have always wondered if these can be made nicely from scratch. I grabbed aContinue reading “Banana Muffin Trial, All Rise!”

Magic Potion With Chances Of Apple Dessert

At the very second I opened my eyes to the grey weather outside today, I had flashbacks of winter in Canterbury in UK. That place with so many memories of friends gathering up in my small kitchen to get themselves a bowl of this loving soup. Some called it “The Magic Potion” (though making itContinue reading “Magic Potion With Chances Of Apple Dessert”