Curry It Up

The indian cuisine always a special place in my spice loving heart, all over this wide world you can always find a place to enjoy a hot dish of tasty curry. Meeting a few indian friends at University and during my career gave me the chance to get to know a variety of dishes fromContinue reading “Curry It Up”

Hot Chicken Rolls “Musakhan”

Like many of us Jordanians I come from a mixed root, my mother’s family comes from Palestine, the two sides of the river have many dishes in common. At such a brilliant time of the year I have that craving for a specialty dish of my mother and it’s called “Musakhan”, such and easy dishContinue reading “Hot Chicken Rolls “Musakhan””

Creamy Mustard Chicken/Beef

Sincerely this April is turning out to be totally indecisive month. One hour the sun is out and warm then few second later it is rainy and windy, last time I checked I do not live in London! I shall fight this weather and I believe it is best to do so by indulging inContinue reading “Creamy Mustard Chicken/Beef”

Chilli Chicken Ramen

What a day this is! Beautiful weather but I am stuck at the office with sudden rush of projects follow up emails to do and more¬†intentions to contact local clients all over. Thinking about all that makes me feel a little¬†queasy and in need of something light to eat that would boost my power andContinue reading “Chilli Chicken Ramen”

Beef Roast With Rocca Salad

Oh my! What a lively, lovely weather it is these days. Take a deep breath and enjoy the warmth of the beautiful sunshine and green all over Amman. I am just at my desk thinking of a special dish that many of my friends enjoyed times and times over, it is a dish that isContinue reading “Beef Roast With Rocca Salad”