Linguine From Under The Sea

Growing up my parents had many Italian friends who as you know just like Arabs have the tendency to over feed their family and friends. Their food as you know is mainly Pasta or Pizza in countless ways, shapes and forms. My father’s best friend would visit from Italy and come over to cook for us, it would be an amazingContinue reading “Linguine From Under The Sea”

Simply Delicious Chicken & Vegetables

Some one asked me a while ago to add Arabic recipes to my blog, I thought of many to add in order to introduce the world to our cuisine, but in the end I felt I should start simple and delicious. As a child I always came back home to find a stew cooking or some sort ofContinue reading “Simply Delicious Chicken & Vegetables”

Beef Stew & Winter Veggies Saturday

Back to my office after several days of being stuck at home by snow and it’s almost midday. The freezing icy breeze outside makes you crave everything rich and warm, so after a quick glance of what is in the fridge earlier in the morning, I decided it will be a beef stew slow cookerContinue reading “Beef Stew & Winter Veggies Saturday”