Beef Roast With Rocca Salad

Oh my! What a lively, lovely weather it is these days. Take a deep breath and enjoy the warmth of the beautiful sunshine and green all over Amman. I am just at my desk thinking of a special dish that many of my friends enjoyed times and times over, it is a dish that isContinue reading “Beef Roast With Rocca Salad”

Fishy and Spring Salad

Spring warm weather is starting to set in and the mood drifts towards a delicate meat, something not too heavy to consume and enjoy. What is better than grilled fish for a beautiful sunny day like this one, accompanied by a light pasta salad that would make a perfect meal, healthy and full of taste.Continue reading “Fishy and Spring Salad”

Waldorf Salad & Mini Keftedes

Blossoms everywhere now, I bet most of you are getting stuffy noses and allergies of all sorts. Heavy meals are definitely not preferable as they would just put you off to snooze land at once. I have always enjoyed that little sweet addition to any salad and a savory side would be just perfect nextContinue reading “Waldorf Salad & Mini Keftedes”

Pepper Medley Couscous & Honey Chicken Breast

My fascination with North Africa began at a very young age as I would always watch documentaries about the colorful souks, beautiful fabric colors and spices there. In UK I had a few experiences in trying out the¬†moroccan¬†cuisine through friends or visiting restaurants, and what drew me the most is the use of sweet ingredientsContinue reading “Pepper Medley Couscous & Honey Chicken Breast”

Grilled Salmon & A Salad To Kick Start Spring

March is here, spring has showed us its beautiful blossoms and the sun is warming our skin pushing our desire for a crispy, fresh light meal. Thinking of that was certainly not hard, fish is a light meat on the stomach and combining that with a perfect salad can just be the lunch you needContinue reading “Grilled Salmon & A Salad To Kick Start Spring”