Lunch Box Specials

School is back and parents tend to struggle with their kids choices for what to take in lunch boxes, and sometimes under pressure they option to just give the kids some money to buy what they want to eat at break time. This often leads to kids choosing junk food to munch on during schoolContinue reading “Lunch Box Specials”

Frittata My Way

Waking up Friday morning as a weekend in this country, my parents always wait for a couple of creations by yours truly to try. I do love eggs but usually during the week I barely have time to grab a quick sandwich or a bowl of oats, hence, at the glorious weekend I love makingContinue reading “Frittata My Way”

Oui Oui Jordanie

The French week in Jordanian restaurants has just begun and I cannot remove the thought of testing and tasting out of my head! I want to try the recipes that are on and enjoy a bit of france in my convenient little Amman. French cuisine had always attracted me since my visit to France inContinue reading “Oui Oui Jordanie”

Valendiners Stuffed Mushrooms Exposed

Eight friends, Thursday dinner and challenge accepted. A suggested dinner gathering and 2 weeks of tweaking to the menu we came up with a combination to satisfy all taste buds invited: – Red Cabbage Salad – Strawberry & Spinach Salad – Stuffed Mushrooms – Fattet Magdous —– – Roasted Lamb Leg – Roasted Chicken – Mash PotatoesContinue reading “Valendiners Stuffed Mushrooms Exposed”

Chicken Liver & Other Mezza Friday Lunch

Chatting about food with mum and it is always the case on such a day off like Fridays, we discuss, study and then decide what to make for lunch (that’s if I’m not out cooking for friends). Today the weather looks pale and cold but soup is not on my mind instead I feel likeContinue reading “Chicken Liver & Other Mezza Friday Lunch”