Broccoli Melody

The cold breeze of this evening is definitely a call for a warm rich soup that would spread love and happiness both in your tummy and among its tasters. As a child I always loved the look of the broccoli vegetable but sadly not its taste at the time, so I would always want itContinue reading “Broccoli Melody”

Cumin Carrot Creation

Such a cold weather this morning and all I can think of is how to get a warm soup at lunch to warm up my body. Something creamy and smooth yet not very sinful so I would not feel bad after devouring a full bowl. One of my favorites here must be the carrot soupContinue reading “Cumin Carrot Creation”

Hearty Minestrone Soup

Who does not like a hot cup of soup on these days of autumn? The smooth taste and fullness of flavor makes you feel warm inside out. That feeling that you crave during office hours and just makes you feel satisfied and not heavy. Italians have a brilliant soup that has this brilliant effect, weContinue reading “Hearty Minestrone Soup”

Pumpkin Yumminess

Basically got home super tired and in need of a soup to warm me and fill me up too. I had previously purchased a massive pumpkin and used some of it in my beef stew, so with what was left over I decided roasting it to make a snack would be great but after aContinue reading “Pumpkin Yumminess”

For A Weather Like This I Call Upon Harira Soup

Sleeping last night to the sound of violent wind and hail stones hitting my window, only to wake up this morning and realize that the streets are flooded with water, wind blowing so hard and the fog filling the air. With that gloomy weather all around, my mind drifted to a trial of an amazing Moroccan creationContinue reading “For A Weather Like This I Call Upon Harira Soup”