Ginger Cuppy Cakes

Winter time and the most amazing warming ingredients are here for us to use. I myself enjoy a nice variety of ginger creations, they tend to put me in the mood for the cold season. Of the best things that I think ginger goes into, I believe desserts are the best, so today I willContinue reading “Ginger Cuppy Cakes”

Crunchy Sweet Cookies

All I can think of today is that I need something sweet and crunchy to munch away during this stressful day at work. Something that would go well with a cup of tea and make everything seem okay. I guess all I truly need is a couple of my ┬áhealthy cranberry hazelnut cookies. To makeContinue reading “Crunchy Sweet Cookies”

Banoffee Caramelized Creaminess

Upon demand and several requests by people after today’s radio show episode I have decided to give in and write this post to guide the making of this super rich super sinful pie. To make this pie you will need: – 100 g Melted Butter – 250 g Crushed Digestive Biscuits – 100 g ButterContinue reading “Banoffee Caramelized Creaminess”

Chilled Chocolate Heaven

Who doesn’t love chocolaty treats? On a hot day and a long one you always look in the fridge for a quick fix for that sweet tooth but sometimes it’s a drag to make them. This pudding is easy to make and would hit all the right notes with your taste buds as you canContinue reading “Chilled Chocolate Heaven”

Poppy Seed Lemony Poof

Who does not enjoy the fresh taste of lemon cake in the summer or the combination of that with unsalted cream cheese topping with a hint of sweetness. It would be a definite pleaser for those with a sweet tooth but do not want something heavy and chocolaty after a big meal. To create thisContinue reading “Poppy Seed Lemony Poof”