For A Weather Like This I Call Upon Harira Soup

Sleeping last night to the sound of violent wind and hail stones hitting my window, only to wake up this morning and realize that the streets are flooded with water, wind blowing so hard and the fog filling the air. With that gloomy weather all around, my mind drifted to a trial of an amazing Moroccan creationContinue reading “For A Weather Like This I Call Upon Harira Soup”

Magic Potion With Chances Of Apple Dessert

At the very second I opened my eyes to the grey weather outside today, I had flashbacks of winter in Canterbury in UK. That place with so many memories of friends gathering up in my small kitchen to get themselves a bowl of this loving soup. Some called it “The Magic Potion” (though making itContinue reading “Magic Potion With Chances Of Apple Dessert”