Library Lounge En Français

I was just finishing off some work when it occurred to me that “The French Gastronomy Week” is about to end, quickly and without any thoughts I picked up the phone and checked the availability at Marriott Hotel Amman. I booked a table and got ready to take my taste buds on a mini journeyContinue reading “Library Lounge En Français”

Fishy and Spring Salad

Spring warm weather is starting to set in and the mood drifts towards a delicate meat, something not too heavy to consume and enjoy. What is better than grilled fish for a beautiful sunny day like this one, accompanied by a light pasta salad that would make a perfect meal, healthy and full of taste.Continue reading “Fishy and Spring Salad”

Linguine From Under The Sea

Growing up my parents had many Italian friends who as you know just like Arabs have the tendency to over feed their family and friends. Their food as you know is mainly Pasta or Pizza in countless ways, shapes and forms. My father’s best friend would visit from Italy and come over to cook for us, it would be an amazingContinue reading “Linguine From Under The Sea”