Canapé And Buffet Disasters

Have you ever been to cocktail reception, served with these tiny bites of mystery food that you wonder what they were and whether it was really something you wanted to eat? Well it happens to me a lot, you get offered something the waiter him/herself do not really know what it is (mind you, youContinue reading “Canapé And Buffet Disasters”

Hot Chicken Rolls “Musakhan”

Like many of us Jordanians I come from a mixed root, my mother’s family comes from Palestine, the two sides of the river have many dishes in common. At such a brilliant time of the year I have that craving for a specialty dish of my mother and it’s called “Musakhan”, such and easy dishContinue reading “Hot Chicken Rolls “Musakhan””

Creamy Mustard Chicken/Beef

Sincerely this April is turning out to be totally indecisive month. One hour the sun is out and warm then few second later it is rainy and windy, last time I checked I do not live in London! I shall fight this weather and I believe it is best to do so by indulging inContinue reading “Creamy Mustard Chicken/Beef”

Library Lounge En Français

I was just finishing off some work when it occurred to me that “The French Gastronomy Week” is about to end, quickly and without any thoughts I picked up the phone and checked the availability at Marriott Hotel Amman. I booked a table and got ready to take my taste buds on a mini journeyContinue reading “Library Lounge En Français”

Oui Oui Jordanie

The French week in Jordanian restaurants has just begun and I cannot remove the thought of testing and tasting out of my head! I want to try the recipes that are on and enjoy a bit of france in my convenient little Amman. French cuisine had always attracted me since my visit to France inContinue reading “Oui Oui Jordanie”