Peachy Salad Dreams

Peaches are filling stands everywhere these days, pretty much peaches everywhere, but has it ever occurred to you that it might be an amazing ingredient for a brilliant salad? Did you know that peaches help you when you are bloated, and it is full of great vitamins? Well to make the best of that I’mContinue reading “Peachy Salad Dreams”

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Hot weather has just set in and you cannot deny the fact that it’s just plain lovely sun but definitely dehydrating. For some reason in this weather food gets sort of marginalized, nobody wants to stand by a stove and cook! Today I decided I will share some of my favorite salads for summer andContinue reading “Feeling Hot Hot Hot”

Stew All Africanized

A while back I was reminiscing on the old university years and the amount of housemates I shared my life with in that time. One crossed my mind more lately, a sweet African lady who taught me how to make really nice spicy chicken stew served with chapati bread (it’s a flat bread that theyContinue reading “Stew All Africanized”

Frittata My Way

Waking up Friday morning as a weekend in this country, my parents always wait for a couple of creations by yours truly to try. I do love eggs but usually during the week I barely have time to grab a quick sandwich or a bowl of oats, hence, at the glorious weekend I love makingContinue reading “Frittata My Way”

Strawberry Season With Love

What a beautiful day with such sunny weather, all I can think of is now is fresh fruits, vegetables and light fresh treats to savor. One of my favorite fruits ever are Strawberries! I cannot help but devour¬†ridiculous¬†amounts if I was left unattended (yes I turn into a child when it comes to that). StrawberriesContinue reading “Strawberry Season With Love”