Chicken Creamy Tetrazzini

I have not written up a recipe for a while and I guess it is time to do so. With the summer flu I have and the exhaustion I feel all over my body, I guess my mind could not drift to anywhere but comfort food. Pasta always has that effect on people, it isContinue reading “Chicken Creamy Tetrazzini”

Steak Mushroom Freshness

Typical recipe? Maybe, but certainly got much of my own twist to it. I thought about it over and over but I certainly had a great steak sandwich a few time in town but I still craved a certain level of juiciness in the meat and a flavor that was missing. From my point ofContinue reading “Steak Mushroom Freshness”

Frittata My Way

Waking up Friday morning as a weekend in this country, my parents always wait for a couple of creations by yours truly to try. I do love eggs but usually during the week I barely have time to grab a quick sandwich or a bowl of oats, hence, at the glorious weekend I love makingContinue reading “Frittata My Way”

One Chicken Cashew Coming Up

Having traveled around, to several places all over the world, I was always surprised that friends would always have their own Chinese restaurant staple order that they crave and stick to whenever they do order or eat out. It is quite funny that even in Jordan, going out to the Chinese restaurant was (and probably still is)Continue reading “One Chicken Cashew Coming Up”

Valendiners Stuffed Mushrooms Exposed

Eight friends, Thursday dinner and challenge accepted. A suggested dinner gathering and 2 weeks of tweaking to the menu we came up with a combination to satisfy all taste buds invited: – Red Cabbage Salad – Strawberry & Spinach Salad – Stuffed Mushrooms – Fattet Magdous —– – Roasted Lamb Leg – Roasted Chicken – Mash PotatoesContinue reading “Valendiners Stuffed Mushrooms Exposed”