Library Lounge En Français

I was just finishing off some work when it occurred to me that “The French Gastronomy Week” is about to end, quickly and without any thoughts I picked up the phone and checked the availability at Marriott Hotel Amman. I booked a table and got ready to take my taste buds on a mini journeyContinue reading “Library Lounge En Français”

Oui Oui Jordanie

The French week in Jordanian restaurants has just begun and I cannot remove the thought of testing and tasting out of my head! I want to try the recipes that are on and enjoy a bit of france in my convenient little Amman. French cuisine had always attracted me since my visit to France inContinue reading “Oui Oui Jordanie”

Harley’s Burgers & Grill

For some wild reason I am not a fan of junk food, fast food is definitely not my cup of tea, yet sometimes I find myself craving a good juicy burger. To me it has to be a perfect sandwich with the right amount of sauce (too much is just messy and covers the tasteContinue reading “Harley’s Burgers & Grill”

Uma Delicious Mi Taste

Sometime last September I kept hearing about a new Asian restaurant in town and it is no surprise I wanted to be the first one of my friends to try it. The weather was still warm and lovely so as I walked in I was ushered to the courtyard, at first I was not very sure that I shouldContinue reading “Uma Delicious Mi Taste”

Chicken Liver & Other Mezza Friday Lunch

Chatting about food with mum and it is always the case on such a day off like Fridays, we discuss, study and then decide what to make for lunch (that’s if I’m not out cooking for friends). Today the weather looks pale and cold but soup is not on my mind instead I feel likeContinue reading “Chicken Liver & Other Mezza Friday Lunch”