Canapé And Buffet Disasters

Have you ever been to cocktail reception, served with these tiny bites of mystery food that you wonder what they were and whether it was really something you wanted to eat? Well it happens to me a lot, you get offered something the waiter him/herself do not really know what it is (mind you, youContinue reading “Canapé And Buffet Disasters”

Library Lounge En Français

I was just finishing off some work when it occurred to me that “The French Gastronomy Week” is about to end, quickly and without any thoughts I picked up the phone and checked the availability at Marriott Hotel Amman. I booked a table and got ready to take my taste buds on a mini journeyContinue reading “Library Lounge En Français”

Harley’s Burgers & Grill

For some wild reason I am not a fan of junk food, fast food is definitely not my cup of tea, yet sometimes I find myself craving a good juicy burger. To me it has to be a perfect sandwich with the right amount of sauce (too much is just messy and covers the tasteContinue reading “Harley’s Burgers & Grill”

ازكى اشي بالدنيا The “Azkadenya” Experience

My first visit to this place was rather impulsive and out of the blue, arriving from a trip abroad and in search of a warm meal to enjoy with friends, I was happy to go try a new venue as usual. Have you ever entered a place and felt like you walked into a TV screenContinue reading “ازكى اشي بالدنيا The “Azkadenya” Experience”