Lunch Box Specials

School is back and parents tend to struggle with their kids choices for what to take in lunch boxes, and sometimes under pressure they option to just give the kids some money to buy what they want to eat at break time. This often leads to kids choosing junk food to munch on during schoolContinue reading “Lunch Box Specials”

Chocolate Nutella Strawberry Cake Indulgence

Who can resist these two words “Nutella” & “Strawberry”, what if they fall in the same sentence? I am in love and craving this sensational cake creation. It is totally dreamy and something such a great indulgence for a sweet tooth afternoon. To make this sinful act you need: – 2 Sticks Of  Butter –Continue reading “Chocolate Nutella Strawberry Cake Indulgence”

Strawberry Season With Love

What a beautiful day with such sunny weather, all I can think of is now is fresh fruits, vegetables and light fresh treats to savor. One of my favorite fruits ever are Strawberries! I cannot help but devour ridiculous amounts if I was left unattended (yes I turn into a child when it comes to that). StrawberriesContinue reading “Strawberry Season With Love”