Crunchy Sweet Cookies

All I can think of today is that I need something sweet and crunchy to munch away during this stressful day at work. Something that would go well with a cup of tea and make everything seem okay. I guess all I truly need is a couple of my  healthy cranberry hazelnut cookies. To makeContinue reading “Crunchy Sweet Cookies”

Strada The Caffè

Coming out of the cinema on a lazy Friday evening I looked up to see a cozy place ahead the sign read ” Strada Caffe”. I stepped in with hesitance tried to see if the ambiance is anything that would attract me, almost immediately something caught my eye, the place had fresh clean air, a completely non smokingContinue reading “Strada The Caffè”

Warmly Yours Tea شاي بدفي قلبك

I spoke of my favorite spot to have tea and relax previously. It was sheer luck for me to find this place and since that day I have been there countless times. No matter what time or date it is, I have always found the same exact feeling that I got the first time, it’sContinue reading “Warmly Yours Tea شاي بدفي قلبك”